Tim Han’s Life Mastery Achievers Review

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Tim Han’s father abandoned him when he was only two years old. He was also bullied at school daily. As a result, he formed self-sabotaging thoughts until these thoughts became who he is. He was basically traumatized and terrified of everything.

Tim used to be so timid to the point of just letting every opportunity slip through his hands. Good thing his mentor showed up and induced a strategy that started Tim’s most significant breakthrough. Fast forward to today, and Success Insider (his company) is “sending the elevator back down.” If you wanna know more about this Life Mastery Achievers review, well, keep reading!


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Tim Han’s program is a six-week course that will teach you a tried-and-true, systematic procedure to eventually erase wrong self-beliefs and transform the way you think to rekindle purpose and reach your maximum potential. Through Life Mastery Achievers (LMA), you’ll become more conscious of how you know, think, and act.

According to Tim, self-awareness will always be the key to achieving your biggest dreams and desires. LMA is the outcome of more than a decade of research in neuroscience, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioral therapy, and human behavior in general.

This dude makes a bet! That is, when you sign up for Life Mastery Achievers, “In just six weeks, you’ll radically transform your health, relationships, psychology, and level of consciousness. Learn how to rewire your subconscious brain to finally stop your deepest fears and mental blocks. Along with a world-class accountability and support group to guarantee you don’t slip up or fall behind at any step.” 

Based on the claims, the LMA can turn off your inner turmoil and get rid of your past mistakes and issues – as if a new you have come. Eventually, you’ll start a chain reaction of positive changes. You’ll be surrounded by high-caliber people with fascinating stories.

Even if you’ve read every self-help book and done every personal development course out there. Tim informs that LMA offers an entirely different taste.

Today, over 2,521 individuals have successfully graduated from Life Mastery Achievers. Many students have given good feedback about the course. Some even upload videos where they share and testify their takeaways from Tim. 

And in case you want to follow in their footsteps, first things first, how much is the payment? 

Well, if the sales website isn’t lying, LMA starts at $2,497. They’ll open enrollment soon.

I know, it’s undoubtedly a high ticket! And if you couldn’t afford a one-time payment, check out their installment plan. All you have to do is pay $497 for six months in a row. If so happens that you’re unsatisfied with the program, you can request a refund any time as long as you’re still running on the first month. 

That’s pretty amazing, right? 

If you’ll look at Tim’s life, he now appears to be a fantastic guy living the American dream. But to be honest with you, Life Mastery Achievers isn’t something that I would recommend. That program got no hold on me. I mean, every human being is a product of their experience. And so, scars are inevitable. Everybody has that! In one way or another, we all got our low moments. And though I agree that we need to heal from those wounds, it doesn’t need to be complicated.

It’s about showing up every day and doing what you got to do. It doesn’t necessarily mean overcoming complex tasks within the day. It could be simple as drinking water, walking your dog, going greens, working out, being grateful, journaling and reading, learning a new hobby, meeting deadlines, bonding with friends and family, witnessing the sunrise, eating out, seriously the list could go on forever. 

But at the end of the day, it’s still a matter of your choice. I believe we’re entirely aware of the must-dos. We simply don’t do it. After all, maintaining a well-balanced life is something people can learn and master. 

Instead, we divert our attention with $2,500 mindset courses that promise the world but deliver nothing more than a placebo effect when everything is said and done. I’m all for investing in classes and coaching to get concrete skills that can help you advance in your career or business.

But what about stuff like this? Excuse my French, I just don’t believe it. Worse, it’s so ambiguous that you can’t prove or refute anything – all because it’s so subjective. Tim Han claims things like, “you’ll easily overcome your most challenging inner obstacles.” But for me, he only appears like a charlatan.

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