Reviewing The Yoda Ad From The Mikkelsen Twins

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The unique smell of books sends people nostalgia when they only have books and pens. But let us admit that working makes reading a must rather than a hobby. So before your love in reading ceases to exist, let me introduce to you the of the twin Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen. They offer audiobooks to listen to. How about leveling up your adoration in reading? The twins offer a study course, “Audiobook Income Academy 2.0,” to make money in publishing audiobooks and expect $1 497 for your work!


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You don’t need to hesitate if the course will be effective because they promise to give back your money with interest if they fail you and don’t reach your expectations. I can say they are bold because this can make them bankrupt. But business people do not take such a big risk. Does it mean every person that will subscribe to the course will be satisfied or is this just marketing bait?

Unlike other companies, they want to prove their credibility through interaction, but it is the opposite of advertising a publishing house. He uses a Yoda to catch the eyes of everyone, but is it the image he wants people to remember him? 

“We’ve all been waiting for it, and it’s finally here,” he begins. “A way to make money with Amazon without selling physical products. This means that you can make money with Amazon without all the challenges of starting an Amazon business. Such as high start-up costs, dealing with a surprisingly complex business model, buying things from China, getting it shipped to you, then shipping it to people who will buy it is not as easy as these Amazon gurus make it sound.”

“And on top of that you’re dealing with tons of competition. Everyone wants to sell physical products on Amazon because they think it’s the only way to make money with Amazon, but it isn’t,” he continues. “This new way is actually very very different. Start up costs are a fraction of what you’re used to. 

If you have a few hundred dollars in your bank account, this is something you’ve got a legitimate shot at. And it’s so much simpler. Create a digital product once you sell it an unlimited number of times. No inventory. No shipping.”

“Finally, there’s hardly any competition with this new Amazon business model. Because, frankly, most people don’t even know that this exists. There’s not a lot of people doing it, and therefore, it makes being successful with it a whole lot easier.” Whoever they are, if they keep their word, you do not need to worry to try their so-called 100% upgrade of skills in their web classes because it is also a great chance to learn about Amazon

While you are in the course class, maybe you will discover the good thing the Mikkelsen twins see in this business that leads to giving up their regular jobs. Can they influence us to decide like them?

So far their advertisement is not that bad. I cannot give it full support because bending the truth for their benefit is a BIG red flag as a writer. The attempt to look good miserably failed because people saw through them. To prove it, he says that they are not well known and new but proven wrong. But who am I to judge? If five years feels like yesterday, then yes. 

Another spotted lie: he says it does not cost a lot when audiobooks are costly to produce. Also, they even lie on their freemiums because if you avail of the course, you need to pay $15. It is not a matter of money but trust! How can you enter a deal built with lies?

Okay, I revoked my words that you don’t need to worry because they will pay you back with incentives if you are not satisfied. Entering this kind of business is not worthy of starting your career. Why would you waste your time writing someone’s piece when you can make your masterpiece? So nod your head, sweety, and walk away from this quicksand. 

Don’t tell me you still want to try after my strong reaction? Then you will be the one responsible for your action. Do not cry to me if something bad happens because all I can say is, “What did we learn?” 

Joshua T Osborne

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