A1 Revenue Review (Mr. Opulent And Tobias)

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From digital marketer, to serial entrepreneur, to investor- Mr.Opulent does it all. Alongside his business partner Tobias, they created A1 Revenue, an affiliate marketing program. At the moment, they’re promoting their Accelerator program.

When you go to apply, they redirect you to a case study that claims they made almost 900k in four months by sending traffic to affiliate offers. Keep reading to see my review.


Hey, I'm Joshua T. Osborne

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Mr. Opulent and Tobias did this all while receiving 6-10X the return on their investment on ads. They say anyone can have results like this. It doesn’t matter if you’re tech illiterate or a tech genius, this can work for anybody.

But is it real? Tobias logs into his affiliate account and shows a whopping $859,150 (earned within 120 days). Not to mention it looks like on average they’re getting about $200k per month in commissions. 

So why would they share this with you? Well, Tobias says that after he dropped out of university he tried making money online. Like a lot of us do when we first give it a go, he failed. But then he had his aha moment and made his first million using affiliate marketing rather quickly.

After, Tobias partnered with Mr.Opulent and they went on to make more money together. Now, though, they have a goal to bring others on board so they can train them to make money using their process too.

“Since we have our own private affiliate network, we can make money when you make money as an affiliate,” Tobias says. “So if we help you make seven figures, we might make about six figures. So we’re incentivized to push you all the way to success.

We know that educated affiliates make a lot of money and scale faster than uneducated affiliates. Which is why we wanna give you valuable education on a consistent basis.”

Taking a deep dive into the numbers, Tobias says they invested about 17k in running traffic. That investment provided them with about 290 conversions with an average cost of approximately $60 per conversion.

What about the average payout per conversion? That would be about $700. $200k in 30 days, not too bad! Not to mention an ROI of about 1200%! Nicely done boys.

Their niche is Forex. So how does that work? Well, they send people to sign up for the forex trading platforms, that person deposits $100 into their new trading account, and then you can make up to $800 in commissions.

“This is one of the biggest perks of being a forex affiliate,” Mr. Opulent says. “You’re getting paid on leverage. Whereas, with most affiliate offers, you’re only getting a small percentage of each sale. Maybe ten to twenty percent.”

So what do you have to do? Well first, find a high paying forex affiliate offer. Next, you need to get traffic from people looking to trade. Then, follow A1 Revenue’s marketing funnels to turn traffic into deposits. Lastly, get paid and enjoy that money! Bonus step: keep growing from there. 

Cost disclaimer: Mr.Opulent and Tobias say you’ll need to have at least 5k before you can apply to work with them. So what do I think? Well, it all sounds great except I hate forex. I could never do this for the simple fact that I HATE forex. If you’re not familiar, definitely Google it before getting started.

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