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Jeraun Richards, mainly known as J Rich, is an ecommerce millionaire with a focus on Shopify dropshipping. And this is where you identify a product, like a basketball, and find a vendor who sells it for twenty dollars; you list it on your Shopify store for forty dollars; drive traffic to your site; and when anyone buys it from you for twenty dollars, you order it from the vendor for ten dollars; they ship it directly to the customer; and you make a tidy profit. What are some other things you could make money on?


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“So as you can see from that overview,” J Rich says, “dropshipping is a very unique business model that allows you to virtually sell any product in the world without you having to touch it. And one of the most important things in dropshipping is finding an actual product that you can sell that people want to actually buy. So what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna take care of you and share the top dropshipping products you can sell for the current time that we’re in.”

The first product he recommends is a toothpaste dispenser. It’s pretty neat, I can honestly say that’s not what I thought the first product would be. But it’s helpful, it automatically dispenses toothpaste. Sure, it doesn’t solve any major problems, but if you run an ad to it, I bet you’ll have people impulse buy because of how simple it is!

You’ll need to get creative here. In my opinion, it’d be a good idea to dive into what makes a good ad on TikTok or Instagram. How can you resonate with that market and get them to stop scrolling long enough to get their focus? If you figure that out, you’re golden because since they sell on Aliexpress for like $5 you could sell them for $20, BOOM 400% return.

The second dropshipping product J Rich recommends is a bluetooth speaker sleep mask. Essentially you could wear it over your eyes while you sleep at night and it’ll connect to your phone and play what you want to listen to. There’s plenty of demand for this product too. Don’t you fall asleep easier when there’s a storm out? As far as numbers, you’ll be able to buy for $10, sell for $30 and pocket $20.

Next, he recommends looking into dead skin reducing agents. Something like a portable buffer. My neighbor could use it on his cracked and damaged feet. Items related to health and beauty are always popular. On AliExpress, you can get a product like this for about nine dollars and   sellit for $35 or so? Again, there are large margins. What further surprises might J Rich have in store for us? Believe it or not, there’s an eyebrow stamp stencil kit. For girls who need aid with brow shape on a friday night. The search volume is also ad-friendly.

Another product he recommends are the ring lights for your phone. These are great for those tiktokers and instagram influencers on the go. Or if you’re a lady who needs to do her makeup on the go as well. Something like this could go viral on social media if you put the right touch on it. Lastly he recommends teeth whitening devices. Seems a little off the wall, but it works. Basically, it’s always the weird products that seem to be winners. That’s dropshipping in a nutshell, find weird products with lots of demand and watch your account grow!

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