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You may have seen Tyson Zahner’s most recent YouTube ad urging you to sign up for his web class. He promises to share his technique for generating 200+ leads in just one day with virtually no tech setup and without spending a lot of money on ads. Tyson Zahner is a trainer and coach who was previously an Amway distributor.

So, is Tyson the real deal? Can you make money using his methods?

Keep reading this Tyson Zahner Review to find out.


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Let’s start with what you’ll see in his webclass. The first thing Tyson will do is show you how to use paid ads. After that, he usually generates some ideas by asking, “What gurus or leaders do my prospects follow?” What kind of books do they read? Blogs? Magazines? What about the events they attend? Etc.

Tyson normally takes notes on some ideas. Then, to check if these ideas are targetable, he’ll enter them into the Facebook target window. Followed by clicking “Suggestions” to see what original ideas Facebook will come up with.

Then he chooses an image appropriate for the specific platform to attract the viewer’s attention. For example, you will see a lot of family photos on Facebook. From there, he’ll write something that will make readers want to click the ad. For example “Type in your email for a free eBook.”

The next thing is convincing copy to make things stand out, build trust, answer questions, deal with objections, and so on. Then he’ll pick out a target once the ad is done and start it for a few bucks a day. He’ll then make the same ad again and again, but he’ll make a different target each time.

And this is where he slays losers and scales winners. However, there is a chance that Tyson pays $5, $10, or $25 and doesn’t get anything.

If that’s the case, it’s back to the drawing board. Then he finds a winning ad/audience combination, hypes it up, and doubles his money.  This is pretty straightforward and effective.

Then Tyson will offer you a course called Attract 100 Leads in 30 days

This course has been available for many years and has only been updated from time to time to suit today’s digital world. As per the name, the course’s goal is to educate you on how to generate at least 100 leads in the first month you’re enrolled. In addition, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Facebook ads in a series of step-by-step videos, which you will see in the course.

Joining Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days will cost you $497 up front, or you can pay in installments of $199 for three. Additionally, one month of free upgrading support, which includes a Facebook group, coaching calls, and case studies. And if you continue to remain active, they will automatically bill you for $97 per month.

But wait, there’s another catch. They’ll make you act fast (just like any other guru) since if you don’t buy within an hour of the webclass ending, you’ll lose various bonuses and the price will double after 48 hours.

To be honest, anything involving MLM annoys me, including Tyson and his business history. But, to be fair to this guy, I think what he offers here is reasonable, and he appears to be knowledgeable as well.

In addition, there is still a lot that can be done to improve his course, such as training on how to use paid traffic, like YouTube ads, which is why I ended up in his funnel.

And the $497 price to learn Zuck’s platform is not bad after all. Just make sure your ad accounts won’t be suspended for running ads for too long.

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