Roland Frasier’s EPIC Challenge Review

Roland Frasier says in his YouTube advertisement:

“Don’t start a business. Buy an existing business. You don’t have to be a wealthy investor with bags full of cash to buy an existing business. As a matter of fact, you can buy businesses with zero dollars out of pocket.

And you won’t have to find customers; you won’t have to find profits; you won’t have to do all the millions of things that people who are starting a business from scratch have to do.”


This Roland Frasier's EPIC Challenge review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

The commercial continues. When buying a firm, Roland discusses how to  eliminate of all the negative aspects and focus on the positive aspects. Don’t be anxious about rivalry, he says. There are millions of profitable businesses out there looking for somebody like you to buy them.

If you’re a little low on funds and just don’t want to have to go through the hassle of getting a loan, you could do some creative financing with the owner so that while you’re running the day-to-day, they still get paid from the profits of the business. 

Roland has done this over and over again in order to buy businesses with revenues from as little as a couple million all the way up to to 4 billion.  But the key is to find business owners who are desperate to sell, since these will be the ones who will be more willing to work with you.  

“In my EPIC Challenge [which stands for Ethical Profits In Crisis], I’m gonna show you exactly how to position yourself to be what business owners want. I’m gonna show you how to find the right businesses to buy. And then what to say and when to say it. And how to structure the deal. And I’m gonna give you eight different ways to purchase businesses without having to use any of your own money.”

But still, is it really worth taking the risk? Roland says that there are many reasons. First, they might be having problems with their partner. Perhaps they want to use the money from the sale for something else. They might be bored with their business. Death. Moving to another country. You can go on and on.

Roland Investor

What kind of businesses are you able to purchase?  Almost everything is possible. A store that sells motorcycles. A fabrication shop. Products for beauty and wellness. Firm of attorneys. A online marketing corporation. You may even buy “traffic assets” using Roland’s tactics. Whether it’s Facebook pages, high-ranking websites, or Amazon storefronts, the marketplace has something for everyone. Just about everything you can think of, in fact.

So, what’s next? You could either enhance and grow the business or sell it. Alternatively, you can hold on to it and and have your own cash-generating asset. “You’re going to win any way,” Roland replies. “This is applicable to every industry, any sort of business, and any country.”

Because we’re not using some gimmick or trick. We’re using established business practices and principles that I’ve learned and developed over about 30 years.”

Roland invites you to sign up for his next EPIC Challenge as the YouTube ad ends. Roland will laser target five acquisitions with zero cash down in five days for a one-time fee of $55. My opinion? Roland Frasier appears to be a trustworthy guy.

The model makes a lot of sense. He’s also made it very affordable. Assuming there isn’t a $5k upsell right after you buy. Overall, I am pleased with the deal. I’m just curious as to how many more of these entrepreneurs will agree to you buying them out along with future earnings. My only two reservations are this and the stress of taking over a company about which you know little to nothing.

Elijah Olivas
Founder | 9 To 5 Renegade

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