Jorge Contreras’ AirBnB Strategy

Not everyone can start a business as it’s just not their forte. But is it the only way to be self-employed? The Real System, founded by Jorge Contreras, offers workshops to train people to earn through managing rentals using Airbnb. It is a way to make money without launching your own business. 

Airbnb offers you to start venturing into real estate without losing capital and your property. Unlike Amazon FBA and Forex, you don’t need to gamble on the risks people face in e-commerce. Instead of reaching for people to become a prospect, they are the ones looking for you! 

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This Jorge Contreras' AirBnB Strategy review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Remember that you will be the gateway for landlords and renters in this job. You will look for available properties to post on Airbnb so that guests will find the right place they are looking online. To reach the landlords of the property you choose, you can use a real estate marketplace like Zillow. Here you can find something to add to your Airbnb list of places to rest, contemplate, or have fun. 

Ensure that the customers can be comfortable in their stay, where they can breathe in peace and entrust their belongings. It’s also like a service, which means that it is not just about throwing a place to stay but professionally providing them a clean environment with things they need. Make sure landlords mark these reminders. 

Let your landlords know what is expected of them when they want to earn without putting up a cent (co-hosting) through short-term and vacation rentals. Make sure to inform them that you will be the one to manage everything. In your part, all you need to do is supervise the tourists/ guests to the place they pay for a temporary stay. You are not the one who pays but them. 

About the property, you and the landlords don’t need to provide new and expensive furniture as the guest is buying not the place but the experience. So to decrease the chances of conflict, settle the agreement personally so you can clear some possible issues or test the expectations of your tourists.

This job is not limited to vacation guests and therapy seekers. You can also manage the rental rooms, condos, or apartments as the landlord wishes. Make a deal with the landlord on how much the rent per month he will get, and then make a sealing price that can make your money. 

Here is where you are being paid. As an operator, you hold the money, so your responsibility is to correctly set the price of the rooms and get paid the right amount. You bend the price on how you think it deserves to earn. Don’t be tempted to overprice the property, as it will kill your position. 

Jorge Contreras Business Mastery

Put in mind that every decision you make should be calculated to the satisfaction of the renters and the landlords. They are the subject of your operation and not the objects. They should come first when you decide rather than putting you first as this is a business relationship of helping each other. Trust is a must. 

Even if the place is not brand new, it should be livable. You won’t sleep in a room with a falling ceiling, will you? Consider the sublessee’s safety, health, and thoughts when they started staying at the property you offered. It would be embarrassing to fight on the first day. 

Another important thing is good ventilation. You would not like to hear your renter experience heat stroke or hypothermia, don’t you? Then ensure that the place you offer is safe from extreme external climate. Some like stand-alone houses with this purpose, just like Jorge. 

Some may choose grandiose houses to flaunt a beautiful lawn and owning a parking lot. On the other side, some wanted to have a city-like life of staying in a penthouse or condos when it is not as worthy as it looks. We can say a big house is not worth it because it needs a lot of maintenance. Apartments and condos are not as convenient because of their small space. So instead of throwing your money into fancy rental houses or apartments is a save-up for something you can have permanently.   

Lastly, do not forget the deal with your landlord as he was your main subject. Always take note that you will only pay them the correct market rate for their place because the two of you have a professional relationship and should not cross beyond that.

There may be times when the landlord wants a higher income, so be willing to let them know that they can continuously operate Airbnb in their own hands. Let them experience your work themselves. Remember that your job is rooted in trust and if they don’t need you, then move on. On the other hand, don’t forget to check twice if Airbnb is legal in a particular location to avoid problems in the law.  

If you let your guard down in a blink of an eye, there will be a pile of violation fees that will not let you have a place to sleep.

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