Bob Diamond Review

Bob Diamond is that popular attorney who enjoys wearing Hawaiian shirts, says the word Huge with a silent H, calls himself “America’s Tax Sale Attorney,” and talks about anything Overages.

When I first saw his infamous YouTube video ad, I thought he was a paid actor standing in front of a green screen, trying to promote some shady guru.

It turned out I was wrong! Read on to see some Bob Diamond reviews.


This Bob Diamond review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

One of Bob’s most recent Overages Avengers, Joyce Jackson, got her first check for $6,607.97. Another guy by the name of Rodney Banks also got his first claim for a whopping $15,111, then as if it wasn’t enough, he got another check for over $26,000!

Charmaine Bennett’s first deal was worth $9,248. Patrick Quinn is another student who is an absolute star. His claims are pretty impressive: One for $ 34,000; one for over $48,000; one for $63,000; one for $69,000; another for $190,164; and lastly, one for $196,871!

Like a proud father, Bob shared, “That’s over six hundred forty thousand four hundred and nineteen dollars that he’s already collected. “Congratulations, Patrick. You are amazing, my friend.” Bob continues to tell how thankful he is for his Overages Blueprint members and how ecstatic he is for all the success they’ve had. “That’s why we do this. We’re changing lives and helping a lot of people at the same time.”

Bob Diamond Opens Checks

But wait, you want some more? Fred McRae likewise made huge profits to the tune of $32,733. Thoren Mentz got his for $22,574. Rod Garnis earned $8,013. Sandra Yates is seen holding a check worth $29,554. 

Edward Ward, another superstar, received a check for $19,000 while Janet Walker is on her way to six figures. Bob just couldn’t hide his excitement, “I’m so proud of all of our Overages Avengers. You’re doing a fantastic job helping people recover their money and doing real well for yourselves in the process.” 

“It doesn’t get any more real than this.” Bob would love for you to learn everything he knows about Overages Blueprint and how you can do the same to help others.

Overages Blueprint is priced at fifteen hundred dollars or, alternatively, three payments of $597. As mentioned above, it’s really a no-brainer considering the huge profits you can make. But these checks are not theirs alone. I think those are the amounts that their clients are receiving back.

The total would be divided among the students – pretty much like a sales commission. The only problem is that it can be confusing to understand the overages process if you are not a lawyer like Bob. Another downside is it could take months to receive the checks in the mail.

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