Alex Martinez’s Pro Wholesaler VIP Review

Little things lead to big things. Success does not flow from one’s blood but is engraved in bones through hard work and perseverance. Real estate millionaire Alex Martinez has experienced it first hand. Nobody would guess that he was once a teen peddling sandwiches for $10 to anyone who would buy them.

You may ask, how is it possible? Here is for you. Many people grow their expertise in real estate through this site. 


This Alex Martinez's Pro Wholesaler VIP review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

You need to stop just daydreaming about your goals. The time you spend receiving inspirational messages, times of hardwork, and digging into complex strategies are enough. The right course with suitable methods is what you need to start this business.

The Pro Wholesaler VIP Program of Real Estate Skills will not overwhelm and make you sweat with blood and tears. Instead, they are here to guide you from scratch to catch up in this field until you can earn six to seven digits in your check. 

No need for extravagant marketing strategies or different types of advertisements. If you’re looking for a course that focuses on your current stage, this one’s for you—adapted to your needs without costing you an arm and a leg.

This study course of Alex himself is an excellent place to get your curiosity going. If you’re starting in the wholesale business, you’ll learn everything you need to know in this course. It’s an excellent place to start if you want to learn new skills, techniques, and knowledge. It will allow you to earn six or seven figures.

It would help if you remembered that it offers you four things when you start the course: 

a.) Self-paced video tutorials can be accessed at any time via a digital learning platform. To put it another way, you get to decide when you will watch it. 

b.) An enthusiastic online community of wholesalers who are expanding their knowledge. You can learn from them that textbooks won’t teach you.

c.) make it easier to grasp the lesson’s concepts with easy-to-use educational materials (e.g., checklists, cheat sheets, etc.). Finally, d.) You will be assessed weekly to keep tabs on your development.

Here are the six pillars of profitable wholesaling, according to Alex, that you will learn in the course process: 

  • Foundations and Mindset
  • Financing Partners and The Golden Ticket
  • Secrets of the Pro Wholesaler
  • Art of the Pro Wholesaler
  • Bulletproof Offers of Platinum Platters
  • Closing, Systemizing, and Scaling to 7-Figures 
Alex Martinez Phone

Keep in mind that this program will not ask for commission on your income, so rest assured that you will enjoy the fruit of your work.

Prior to the application procedure, you must contact Real Estate Skills by visiting their website and completing an assessment over the phone; if accepted, you must pay $4,800 to secure your spot. You can make a lump-sum payment or pay in installments. Many wholesalers may attest to the existence of the program. 

To the benefit of its participants, the program is remarkably successful. Joe has sold his 58th estate while Christian has a fruitful start with closing two deals in just two consecutive months, and now he has also become a millionaire like Alex. 

The study course has a high chance of being criticized because some argue that the money you’ll spend here can offer you more things to help secure a long-term career. On BiggerPockets, it explains that a person can get certified in real estate, then get a license, and will even have a pocket money saved for starting the business. 

Differing viewpoints clouded people’s enthusiasm. When people are grouped, expect a never-ending argument. Realistically speaking, money won’t last that long until you finish your studies and become a founder of your business. 

Why not examine the benefits and drawbacks before making a decision? To refresh your memory, wholesalers have more than their competitors.

Keep in mind that they bring practical understandings of traditional wholesaling to digital marketing. It prevents being tangled with the crowd of wholesalers. Hence, the referrals come from those local websites that offer service to small businesses.

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