Rob Swanson’s FreedomSoft Reviews: Is It Legit?

If you happen to be a real estate investor, Rob Swanson might ask you this, if you could rather generate more leads in less time, effort, and cash, would you grab it?

Who would answer a no? It’s crazy. 

Rob built FreedomSoft software. This tool walks you all through creating campaigns and targeting high-paying leads, in whatever place you choose, within a few minutes!  

Worry no more in finding leads. FreedomSoft has it covered! Rob’s tool guides you on how to skip trace those people, send them a text message all at once, pursue potential leads, then use FreedomSoft again to call the customer.  


This Rob Swanson's FreedomSoft review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

“Friends, do you realize the power of what I just showed you?” Rob says. “I just showed you in minutes how you can go out and get motivated seller leads contacting you. You don’t have to wait. You don’t have to hope. You don’t have to be in that position of feeling like you’re at risk of not being able to do something today.[Freedom Soft] puts the power of your success in your hands.”

Whether you’re an android or apple user, you can utilize this software. This app enables you to contact leads right away, and you could also record your convos for security matters. Yes, a few clicks can generate leads and close deals! And that equates to having lots of spare time to enjoy life. 

Plus, you can build a team to help you with the lead-targeting steps. FreedomSoft gives a ceiling of up to 6 people working together using one account. 

One more thing, you don’t have to worry about transferring your contacts from other real estate software. You can import it to Rob’s app. So, if you have existing transactions, you can do follow-ups using the app. 

Rob Swanson swaggers on how FreedomSoft can ease every little problem getting potential leads. The only thing to focus on is good marketing and follow-ups.

Freedom Soft Demo

“If you want a simple lead generation software that gets you leads daily with a few clicks, automates the follow up for you, and stops you from wasting money on expensive lead campaigns and lost leads that don’t make money,”

Rob says, “then FreedomSoft is for you. It’s for anyone that dreams of quitting your job or that wants a simple, proven way to finally make real money as a real estate investor.”

It certainly has a lot to offer. Inside, you’ll see real estate comps, deal analyzers, repair estimator, digital signature system, pertinent papers, and a whole lot more. If you’d rather use this stuff than do it manually, you must spend $197 monthly. 

Keep in mind that it’ll cost you money in the long run whenever you launch a campaign. But this software is a good one, though. So, it could be worth it. If you ask me about the tool? Go for it. But Rob as a mentor? I have a few doubts. 

In my opinion, he was patronizing and a bit arrogant too. We’re drowning ourselves in whiskey every time hear “friends, I have the solution…” plus his lines “super special discount only available today, on this training?”Your main page features a lot of that sales vid. We’re not that dumb, are we? We don’t need a go-to or an all-knowing guru if we already got one perfectly good piece of his software. We can only assume a lot more upsells that bargain with your current subscription. And if so, chances are you can be swallowed up with too good to be true offerings. Don’t fall on that.

Elijah Olivas
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