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Do you want to make ten Gs a month on Amazon

Christian Mikkelsen from Publishing Life dot com swears he knows the secret. 

It’s a long list, but the first is reviews. You need to get a lot of them. You have to make sure they’re close to the highest rating. 

Your print book (eBook) and audiobook should have at least 50 reviews each. Your sales will increase steadily after you’ve achieved this. 

Some publishers don’t take this seriously. Don’t be one of them. 

See more of what Christian has to say below!


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The title is the second one. Many publishers come up with gruesome names for their books. Why do they do this when modeling winning titles is so simple? You can look at the best-selling titles for eBooks and CDs and do something similar. It’s not a difficult task.

The cover comes third. Aesthetics, design, and branding. Call it what you wish. What do you think? Why should you expect anybody else to purchase the book if you aren’t willing to buy it yourself? People do judge a book by it’s cover after all…

Those are the three most important factors for success in the publishing industry. Now, are you ready for the big one?

Before the revelation, Christian goes into detail about how an email he received from some random dude prompted him to write it.

Victim mentality. There was nothing else that had worked. He had tried everything. He was left with only one shot remaining and debated whether to risk it on audiobooks.

Christian needed to correct him. A 22-minute video reaction showed him explaining that until your last breath, you have all the chances you need. It’s all business as usual here. It’s not life or death. 

You may fail as many times as you want and still succeed. Thus, the trick to generating tens of thousands of dollars a month on Amazon is to “not stop working towards that goal until you [bleeping] achieve it.”

“So saying that you have one last shot to give at this,” Christian says, “you instantly have zero percent chance. That’s because, the first time you try anything is never ever going to work.” 

You have to give yourself a margin of error and have realistic expectations. 

In order to achieve success as an entrepreneur, you must first go through a lot of failures. 

A common issue on the internet is the haste with which individuals leap into something. Then if it failed, they’d say, “I knew it, I knew it was a scam. This doesn’t work.”  Everyone is held back by this sort of mindset.

As Christian points out, “We’ve worked with thousands of students now in our AIA program and a lot of people come in and they get nothing out of it because they’re expecting to try something once and have it work perfectly.”

“But the truth is, the first time you do anything, you’re going to suck at it. It’s going to be crap. And here’s the beautiful part about this: that’s okay. Try it again, and you’ll get five percent better at it. Then you do it again. Maybe by your third book you get some traction.”

The twins Mikkelsen hold each other to a high standard of responsibility. 

You’re to blame for this. Take responsibility for your actions, whether good, bad, or ugly. Adjust as necessary. Don’t stop now. Brutally honest, but that’s the truth. 

Joshua T Osborne

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