Tai Lopez’s 300 Frameworks Of Health Review

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You may not know but the number of money-making mottos you have is something Tai Lopez is interested in knowing about. He observed when he met his first mentor, Joel Salatin, that the man had a lot of catchphrases for everything. Take, for example, making haste slowly. And those impressions stayed with Tai over the years.

It really started with hundreds of thousands of individuals, including myself to be honest. They served as the cornerstone for many of his successful business. A lot of these were taught repeatedly in his flagship course, The 67 Steps.


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Let’s fast forward to six years later.  “I have a lot bigger businesses now,” Tai says. “[I] do global business.

I’m one of the biggest M&A [mergers and acquisitions] people, especially when it comes to intellectual property, in the U.S. Me and my business partner Alex basically, last year, we bought the most brand IP in the United States. Which is basically more than any private equity firm.

More than any conglomerate, not even private equity firm. So The 67 Steps? I got something better now.”

“I use what I call The 300 Frameworks,” he continues. “Based loosely on the concept of the movie 300. I was like, sixty-seven isn’t enough for me to create wealth, because the world’s changing so much. It’s like wild, the disruption that’s going on.

So I built a program. And I own twenty-three brands now. Some of them I bought, some of them I built from scratch. Some are very big, some are smaller. MentorBox is a profitable business; fifty thousand paying customers.”

“And these 300 Frameworks, I use to train; I have like twenty-three leaders, CEOs, and presidents of different companies. Last month I hired a hundred and fifty people. So I’ve never made this publicly available, but I decided to do a test group and I made it irresistible.

It’s a buck. You can try it for three days. You can go through some of the frameworks; if it’s garbage, you can cancel the thing before the three days. And this stuff you’re gonna learn is so advanced, they wouldn’t teach you it in business school.”

Talking about confidence, Tai got it all!. He’s establishing enterprises that generate nine-figure revenues for his clients. Surely there’s something in The 300 Frameworks that will allow you to make a profit on your first investment. After the one-time fee of one dollar, it’s just seven dollars a month or fifty-nine dollars a year after that.

You have the right to cancel at any moment. Each framework is a five- to ten-minute instruction on a certain topic. “I want ya to take the next four months and change your life,” Tai says.  Financially. The 67 Steps were about life in general; The 300 Frameworks are just about wealth and business.” 

Enterprise value, liquidity, and cash flow are all important considerations. That is what you will be studying in this course. Tai cites the Ps: people, product, price, promotions, placement, and profit as examples. Furthermore, some of the frameworks will not even be required. Some will be too sophisticated for you to understand.

With this deal, it’s all about going above and above. Besides that, he’ll throw in some extras, monthly Q&A calls, and many other goodies. When it comes to making money, “If you wanna learn how to make money with a simple system, that’ll allow you to do whatever you want? I challenge you to go through this and tell me you didn’t get value,” Tai says.

Tai is certain that you will get a hundred-fold return on the little money he asks you to provide. He wishes he received this mentoring when he was eighteen years old and just getting his feet wet in the business world. The timing couldn’t be better for taking these teachings to heart.

We live in the digital era of no-code when you can drag and drop your way to an e-commerce site, spend ten dollars on Facebook advertisements, and be in business within a day, right? Exactly. I appreciate the deal; however, I’m sure you’ll be bombarded by upsells after your purchase.

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