Anthony Morrison Net Worth

Anthony Morrison Net Worth

Back in 2002, Anthony Morrison’s father was heavily invested in WorldCom stock just before they were exposed for fraud to the tune of $11 Billion.  As a result, his father lost all of his life savings and Anthony had to put his med school plans on the back burner.  

Anthony was his cheerleader for months. He would tell his dad, “You did it before; it can be done again.” Anthony eventually realized that his father can’t go back to square one and recover. So what did they do next? Continue reading Anthony’s story to find out his net worth.

For the months following this disaster, Anthony tried to help his father rebound from this.  “You did it before, you can do it again”, he told him.  But it became clear that his father just wasn’t going to recover from it.  

You won’t believe what happened next…


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Anthony stated, “I think a lot of people can relate to that when you go through a really tough time in your life when you go through something devastating when you have a life-altering situation. Sometimes it’s hard to bounce back from that.

In fact, it’s such a thing (bouncing back) that my friend, Sonia Ricotti, she’s built an entire business on teaching people how to bounce back from, ya know, really tough things in life.”

His dad did not know about Sonia during his depression. Anthony knew he had to take action to help his family turn around their financial problems.  After months of beating his head against the wall, Anthony had a breakthrough by selling auto parts on the internet. 

He decided to take a shot at dropshipping… Basically, he would buy parts for a manufacturer then sell them to the end-line consumer.  Eventually, he was making over $1 Million per year which covered everything that his father lost a few years prior. 

At this point, Anthony was in his 20s and making nearly $400,000 per month.  He was on top of the world, but all the time and energy was devoting to it was certainly taking its toll.  

It was this time he came across affiliate marketing. He said, “Where I could literally just promote other people’s products, products that I saw online, and get a commission every time somebody took action.”

Anthony Morrison Digital Empire

He didn’t have to worry about creating his own products or sourcing them with affiliate marketing. He didn’t even have to deal with customer support. This is the model he was looking for all along because it allowed him to concentrate on only one thing: mastering the art of marketing.

And as you get better at the process, your potential to make huge profits also increases. Anthony initially turned to bank credit cards. He just had to learn how to connect people with the card they needed. He was soon making six figures per month, and he didn’t even know what APR was. It was that simple.

Another great perk is that there is no limit on products you can promote, and if anything goes wrong, you can quickly pivot. All you have to do is copy your affiliate link, and spread it across the internet. You can leverage this by joining global trends and events.

Additionally, this is a great way to build your email list. It gives people a reason to sign up and a reason to send them updates. Anthony shares, “The minute I discovered affiliate marketing, it truly unlocked success for me.”

His success in affiliate marketing enabled him to become a better entrepreneur and a businessperson and make a lot of cash. He went back to making hundreds of thousands per month, then turned his earnings into books, seminars and coaching, and other business ventures.

Anthony Morrison has earned more than fifty million dollars via the internet. After excluding toys and taxes, his net worth is estimated at fifteen million.

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