Bashar J Katou’s BJK University Review

Bashar J Katous BJK University Review

If you want to skip the degree and go straight into Amazon entrepreneurship, you can run to Bashar J Katou. He has a pretty good program for Amazon, you don’t have to spend most of your time searching for a hot and trendy products, locating their warehouse, having the item posted, and eventually earning Amazon badges. 

Bashar will teach you all that, in much easier steps. 

Pleasing to hear, right? But is it true? Read on for my full BJK University review.


This BJK University review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Bashar said he was a 7-figure FBA Earner before he became a guru. And that his store is what brings in his millions. People are fooled into thinking that they can kick off an Amazon business all by themselves. According to Bashar, free YouTube videos ain’t enough to learn everything. Then, they wonder why they’re not getting sales. 

They think it’s not hard, but it is. These marketers will eventually get tired looking for ideas and creating products to market on Amazon. They don’t immediately think of the demands, tough competition, marginal returns, and how they can get the items on Amazon’s first page. 

“Only seven-figure sellers with a predictable system for locating, sourcing, and launching products can say, ‘When I list a new product for sale on Amazon, I expect to see profits,’” Bashar explains. He claims to have a sure-win strat.  

If you didn’t know, he ran a fine dining restaurant that fell off. This industry doesn’t bring him the money. He decided to quit and shift to Amazon, eventually, it gave him a good life.  From traveling the world, early retirement plan, luxurious car, name it! He got a good fortune. 

He opposed the recommendation of other Amazon gurus, don’t expect that homemade products can build your wealth. He instead goes for base hits. Here’s what Bashar does, he posts as many products as possible, targeting a different niche. “Better odds, more stability, and more scalable.” That’s what he said.    

“Why not have three, four, eleven products making you two or three grand a month? And then just keep rinsing and repeating from there?” Bashar explains.


“Think about it,” he adds, “if the average millionaire has seven streams of income, why should your Amazon FBA business only have one? What if something happens to it? What if you get competitors? What if your listing gets shut down? Or whatever happens to it, right?

Well, that’s why you want multiple products out there, earning you income day in and day out, that you can fall back on. Make sense?”

Having that in mind, your top priority is to nail the price! Learning how to set a lucrative price range on Amazon is an important skill every marketer does. If based on Bashar’s strategy, why not try getting pretty cheap yet best deals from your dealer? Then, purchase a few products for each category to avoid risk.  

Next stop, you got to work on the product listing. Then, pop it on Amazon’s first page. You’re welcoming satisfying income returns in a few clicks when you hit that. Lastly, be sure to keep it going. Meaning to say, update your product listings and price. Redo the process that Bashar taught you.     

Bashar basically sells his experience at BJK University, hoping you get millions the way he did. If you’re planning to join Amazon FBA, contact Bashar’s team to assist you. And what about the price? It starts at about $5000. I know that’s not a lot for some of you, but here’s what I want to see… a bold and honest testimonial that a student hit a million income. Or at least thousands. 

Plus, an in-depth topic on how you can get it on Amazon’s best search results. Does he pull it off through social ads? Does he set Amazon PPC ads? Or could it be that he manipulates reviews on those products? These things are important. 

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