Tom Wang On The Death of Amazon FBA In 2024?

Is it the end of the Amazon FBA era? Amazon FBA masterclass founder Tom Wang says “‘The number one question I get asked by a lot of beginners is: Is Amazon FBA dead?’ And what they’re really asking themselves is: Is Amazon FBA still a good business opportunity? Or am I too late? Is it saturated?”

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“Are there too many competitors in 2022?” Tom goes on. “The Chinese competitors are selling, the Chinese factories, the cargo ships are being lost at sea or the port, and X, Y, and Z. There’s so many external factors. Is Amazon FBA still worth it? I’m gonna tell you right now, straight up, no BS, if you are selling on Amazon FBA the way people were selling back in 2015, versus now? Yes, Amazon FBA is absolutely dead. Everybody else is doing that right now as well.”

What Tom is trying to say here is that before Amazon became super saturated with sellers, it was really easy to earn money on there. In fact, you didn’t have to put in a ton of work to make the listings look nice like you need to do nowadays. You could just throw it on Amazon and you were good to go.

But now? Don’t even think about doing a halfway job with your listings. You’d be better off just finding something different to do if you don’t want to spend the time uploading your products. There is so much more that goes into Amazon FBA today than there was before. There’s even tools and software to purchase to help you with your listings.

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Tom says if you’re serious about diving into Amazon FBA in 2022, there are two key things to keep in mind. First, you need to know who your target customers are. Why would they buy your product? 99% of people are buying something to solve a problem, so you need to find a way to speak to your customer’s problems. 

Secondly, how can you take the best care of your customers? Unlike back in the day, the competition on Amazon is fierce. What can you do to shine through all the competitors?

Once you achieve those two key points, you will find success. Always be one step ahead of your problems, troubleshooting and providing the best experience for your customers.

Tom wraps up by saying “ So look, I don’t think the opportunity itself is dead by any means. In fact, more people are shopping on Amazon nowadays than ever. Research your customers, who they are, why are they in the market, what problem are they trying to solve, what desires do they have, what are the underlying emotions? And then you, as the Amazon FBA business owner, need to create a unique product offering that can actually stand out in the marketplace.”

Do you think you’ll try your luck with Amazon FBA?

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