Chris & Landon’s Clients And Community Review

Co-founders of Clients and Community are Landon Stewart and Chris Stapleton. Their objective is to assist coaches, consultants, and course developers create more customers and establishing a community around their businesses.

Facebook groups are their area of expertise. One of the world’s most popular Facebook groups belongs to them. Every month, they sign up over 100 hundred of high-priced coaching customers using it. Their monthly income has increased by half a million dollars in only twenty-five months.

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ThisĀ Clients And Community review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

What’s fascinating about their system is that they defy the recommendation of your average group guru. It may be divided down into three pillars for their procedure. The first step is to scale the size of your group, which is what the majority of people encourage you to do organically, too.

As a result, you may reach out to strangers, join other groups, start discussions, and eventually bring them into your own. Manual, sluggish and unpredictable are just a few adjectives that come to mind. Landon and Stapes recommend PPC(Pay-Per-Click advertising). Very Challenging!

Many companies spend hundreds of dollars a month on Facebook advertising that funnel potential customers directly into their Clients and Communities groups. Two-stepping is a rare occurrence.

After you join their Facebook group, they’ll send you back to their page on Facebook, where they’ll sell you a low-ticket item. In any case, they get around $13 back for every dollar they spend on advertising. That’s not bad at all.

Your group’s content is the second pillar. I’m sure you’ve heard this advice before. Create as many posts as possible. What you’re doing is establishing a pace that you can’t maintain. You eventually run out of topics to discuss.

Why would somebody pay for your mentoring services if you’re always available and engaged? Only a few times a week, Stapes and Landon produce high-impact material that encourages customers and closes the deal.

While we’re on the subject, pillar three is making money from your Facebook group. In most cases, it’s only a hunch. Their best bet is to put a link to their sales website or call schedule and hope for the best.

The Clients and Community group does not have anything like that. They want you to do the following: “start a conversation with us.” When members see Landon and Stapes, they should raise their hands and show that they’re interested in learning more about the paid training.

Then, they qualify them in further detail. Are they suitable for the opportunity? They’re going to ask. Is it possible for us to assist them? They will only submit their offer to someone if they get a positive response. “The only thing worse than struggling to get clients,” Landon says, “is getting clients you don’t like.”

Yes! People that have credit cards and are eager to purchase aren’t automatically accepted as clients. As a frontliner to their offer, they take their responsibility with a heart.

As a consequence, everyone is better off. More people don’t have buyer’s remorse. They are more satisfied with their purchase and are more inclined to recommend it to others. Since they’ve been vetted so extensively, Landon and Stapes really like working with their paying clients.

An outline of their Grow Your Group strategy is provided here. It’s understandable that I could not discover the cost of their mentoring services, given their method. So, I guess the only way to find out is to join their free group and start a discussion.

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