Reviewing Jason Wojo Advertising (Jason Runs Ads)

With a current net worth of 3 million dollars, it might be shocking to learn that Jason Wojo is actually a college dropout. In addition to his impressive network, he also has some boast-worthy mentions from sources like Entreprenuer and a 30 Under 30 List (because did I mention he’s only in his 20s?).

So if Jason Wojo offered to run your ads, would you let him? Before you say yes, check out the rest of my review.


This Jason Wojo Advertising (Jason Runs Ads) review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Before Jason found his success, he went through what many might call a rough patch. Partying, drinking, dropping out of school, etc. But hey, a lot of us have been in Jason’s shoes- it can be hard to find the right path for you. All that changed though when Jason saw an ad for Tai Lopez’s SMMA course.

Jason decided to give it a try, and bought the course. Using the knowledge he learned, he began helping local businesses with their social media presences. It didn’t matter the niche, he just went all in.

The problem was even though Jason was landing clients, his paychecks just weren’t adding up to much. “I essentially was fulfilling these services for all these businesses,” he says, “I was working as an assistant at a financial firm on the side, I was doing website development, LinkedIn, video ads, stuff like that. I kept learning more and more about digital marketing. Coding, animations, everything. When I got let go from that job, though, that’s when I realized I can’t depend on other people to make a living.”

“So I just decided that I was going to scale out this agency,” he goes on. “And I did so. For that next six to eight months, I focused primarily on Wojo Media, got it up to maybe like five or six grand a month, and then I moved outta my parents house and relocated to Orlando. After a few months of partying, I got serious again, started working fifteen hours a day, just building my following, building up the agency, stacking as much cash as I could.”

Once the middle of 2020 rolled around, Jason decided to start working even harder on ads. All his efforts paid off and he was able to scale his income from $10,000 per month to up to $600,000 a month. A huge leap, but it required a lot of work: various campaigns, Facebook Ads, etc. Unfortunately, his progress came to a screeching halt when Facebook banned his ads. 

Luckily though, Jason was quick on his feet and formulated a backup plan. With some trial and error, he was able to get his calls coming back in on blast. So much so that he actually hired 3 sales people to help him.

While Jason kept scaling his business, he also made sure to keep scaling his mind. He purchased other training programs, spoke with other successful individuals, and did whatever he could to keep learning.

I think it’s safe to say all of Jason’s hard work has paid off, because today he has over 115 clients. You’re probably wondering what his numbers look like and well, those are pretty impressive too. He spends millions each month on ads for his clients and $120k per month on generating leads for himself (which books about 45 calls per day for his 7 sales reps). 

His business Jason Runs Ads offers to run your Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Tik Tok, Google, and so on. They take care of it all for you. So what’s the cost? You’ll have to book a call to find out!

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