Simon Wood’s ConversioBot Review

ConversioBot (co-founded by Simon Wood) opens possibilities for the digital market to use intelligence-powered virtual robots to communicate to their potential customers, making the question and answer faster and more efficiently while customers feel like they are talking with an actual human. This virtual assistant will help you to gain more prospects while attracting them to buy your product or choose your services.

The ConversioBot team with Simon believes that in the 20th century, where the digital world flaunts its new community will flourish the use of chatbots. They suggest that there will be a time when chatbots beat human interaction because it will be helpful to everyone’s life. When this time comes, ConversioBot is on your service. Here are reviews to prove their claims.


ThisĀ Simon Wood's ConversioBot review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

“Do you have a website or a blog?” says the girl in the ConversioBot demo video. “Want to know how a single line of code automatically added six thousand three hundred and eighty-six sales from our ClickBank accounts in only six months?

And how this new website code automatically built us a massive email list of eleven thousand six hundred and forty-three subscribers in just seven days? And how it exploded our conversion rate by one hundred and ninety-eight percent in just six hours?”

“And it’s not just us,” she continues. “Some of the biggest affiliates and vendors on JVZoo and ClickBank already use this revolutionary AI technology.

Like Rich Williams, who increased his sales by one hundred and seventy-seven percent in just two days. Or Chris X, who built a new email list of one thousand nine hundred and eighty-one buyers in only four days.

And today? You can start doing the same. By copying and pasting one line of automated bot code to any website or blog.”

“This is used by huge companies like Facebook, Spotify, Starbucks, Staples, Pizza Hut, The Wall Street Journal, Disney, Mastercard, and more. Simon Wood and the rest of the team, together, have thirty-two years worth of experience in developing cutting-edge software.

We’re currently in the Platinum Group on ClickBank. And we’re one of the biggest affiliates on JVZoo. Over the last eleven months we’ve spent more than twelve thousand dollars developing a new bot technology.”

Simon Wood ClickBank

“Our revolutionary AI can explode the conversions of almost any website. Affiliate review sites, list building pages, WordPress blogs, sales letters, ecommerce websites, local business sites, webinar registration pages, consultancy websites, freelance websites.

So what’s this all about? Chatbots. Fifty percent of companies are now spending more on chatbots than they are mobile apps. But how does the average person use them without being a five hundred billion dollar tech giant? And without having to spend thousands on programmers?”

ConversioBot’s job is to make small businesses grow through one click of the seller. It is achievable because this chatbot will send your cold emails to thousands of people and reach them on different online platforms in a blink of an eye. 

In addition, they have become more flexible as they have added a lot more options to sellers like the cryptocurrency bot, customer service bot, and discount code both. All you need to do is think about how you will send your products rather than persuade them. 

If you are interested in trying, every ConversioBot cost ranges from $27 to $147 for every month of service. 

They also teach you to offer electronic advertisements that range from $499 a day which is less pricey than commercials on televisions and their chatbots will be the ones to send it to different websites that can increase possible leads. Ironically, they persuade people to use the bot, yet their cash cow is through the sellers. 

In conclusion, virtual chatbots are not as appealing as talking to someone.

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