Tai Lopez’s Viral Video Influencer Agency Review

Guess who just returned? Yes, Tai Lopez. He’s got the greatest web business model of the present day! He literally implies, “No, starting your own social media marketing firm is a better option”. A single service, supporting companies in making viral videos, costs between $2500 and $25,000.

What’s the secret? Especially if this is your first time working with video? Without knowing where to start, what would you do? When looking for clients, how would you go about doing so? What makes you think that others will trust you? Please read on to find out what I thought of the Viral Video Influencer Agency in my final verdict.


This Tai Lopez's Viral Video Influencer Agency review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Tai deserves a lot of credit for what he’s done. When a trend is ready to take off, he has a knack for spotting it and getting in front of it so that he may profit from it.

The 67 Steps were in existence prior to the proliferation of courses and coaching programs. His SMMA training was also available. Once again, you’ve got one step ahead of the competition. Prior to its widespread use, he spoke about “bitcoin.”

He seemed to be having a good run with his business, Retail Ecommerce Ventures. Who knows, perhaps he’s right after all.

Is there any evidence? Increasingly, Instagram’s focus is on video content. The popularity of TikTok has surged. Now you can watch YouTube Shorts. Tai, go ahead, I’ll be listening.

Tai explains, “Pictures are good but they’re incomplete.” 

“So the best business I know? Is you learning how to create viral videos for companies. You might think, ‘Oh, is there really a market for that?’ Do you know anything about business? I hope that’s not a question that you would ask.

I own big brands. We’ll drop twenty-five thousand dollars for someone to make a viral video. More.”

Finally, Tai, on the other hand, believes that mixing trends is where the money is. Combining brick-and-mortar stores with online sales, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon

App-based transportation was integrated with a mobile app by Uber. Combining viral videos and influencer marketing is Tai’s recommendation. Remember, even the most creative film can only do so much for your cause. Influencers have a vital role in establishing virality.

An additional service you may provide clients if you already run a social media marketing firm is this.

Tai Lopez Lasik

“Here’s how the course works,” Tai says, “very simple. Over the next four months, you get in the program, you’re gonna learn from me and my business partner who’ve spent over seven hundred million dollars on Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads.

I’m actually gonna dissect and teach you how to create a viral video. Then how to get influencers. Then how to get customers. Those three things. How to make the viral videos. You don’t even have to be in ’em. How to get others to act in ’em. And how to get paying customers.

You also don’t have to be constantly on the phone making sales. ‘It only takes one consumer to change the game.’

For this reason, if you do a great job with the initial viral video, they’ll return and buy more. You can choose to work for a small, medium, or large-scale business. To learn from Tai is a no-brainer.

“I have some of the most viral video ads ever. ‘Here In My Garage’ has over seventy million views on one version. On all versions together, about four hundred million views. My bitcoin video did better than that. This is a knack I have,” he says.

An additional instruction on how to employ drama, humor, controversy, character development, screenplay writing, templates, and other great stuff will be available inside VVIA.

And wait, there’s more! Tai will also throw in his Traffic Mastery instruction as a gift. The cost of Viral Video Influencer Academy is $497 for a one-time payment. Knowing Tai, there will almost certainly be upselling. However, there is a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Tai’s offer isn’t half bad.

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