High Ticket Dropshipping Niches From Anton Kraly

High Ticket Dropshipping Niches From Anton Kraly

Anton Kraly, the founder of Drop Ship Lifestyle, outlines the top ten high-ticket areas for dropshippers. Something he is well-versed in. Since 2007, he’s been creating, growing, and selling internet stores. Over time, he discovered that selling high-dollar, high-margin things was more practical and profitable. Why? Because with less traffic, fewer purchases, and more room for mistake, you can meet your income targets. Continue reading to learn about the best high-ticket drop-shipping niches.


ThisĀ High Ticket Dropshipping Niches From Anton Kraly review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

To begin, a few ground rules must be established. What is a “high-ticket” product?   Anton recommends buying everything that sells for at least $200. Second, he advises that you dropship only domestic brands. Sell American-made brands if you’re based in the United States. Benefits? Better communication, stronger relationships, higher-quality items, and shorter shipping times are all advantages and equals happier customers. Third, rather than launching a one-product funnel, the goal is to create a store based on these niches.

In terms of how Anton chooses these niches, A high level of search & demand is required. The number of searches per month should be in the tens of thousands. To reduce your risk, each niche must have at least twenty diverse domestic suppliers. What do you mean by that? Well, getting approved to sell for these suppliers isn’t always straightforward; and what happens if you construct your entire store around one source and they go out of business? But, with that out of the way, let’s dive into the niches.

Bedroom furniture sets are Anton’s first high-ticket dropshipping niche recommendation. Costly. People are unconcerned about the name of the company. You’re targeting the wealthy, who are less vulnerable to market corrections, crashes, pandemics, and inflation. What’s not to appreciate about crazy-high demand and a never-ending supply? Persian rugs, believe it or not, is the second niche, and these are in no particular order. Isn’t this something that belongs in the upper middle class? It protects you from sudden demand shifts.

Anton High Ticket

The third niche is much stranger. Are you prepared? Coops for chickens. Anton laughs and says, “Yes, really.” He’s done his homework, and the numbers appear to be correct. In the United States, roughly 250 thousand searches for chicken coops are made each month. That’s enormous. He found almost thirty different manufacturers in the United States. #Winning . What ist the fourth niche? Tubs for bathing. These can be quite costly, and people want what they want; a few hundred dollars more won’t stop them from getting the perfect one, right?

You also have fire pits coming in at #5. When Anton was out trick-or-treating with his wife and two children, he noticed a lot of his neighbors lounging around these movable fire pits that they had purchased. That’s quite cool. The sixth category is bar carts. Consider rolling shelves stocked with your favorite wine, glasses, mixers, and other stuff. Porch swings come in seventh place. Isn’t it a great spot to sit and unwind outside? There is a lot of demand, and there are a lot of manufacturers.

On the list of the top high ticket dropshipping niches, what is number eight? Gazebos. Those small shade-giving wooden shelters you see in people’s backyards? That kind of thing. Home saunas are number nine. Monthly search traffic is slightly lower, but Anton’s criteria still allow it to make the cut. Finally, what is the tenth greatest high-ticket drop shipping niche? Chandeliers. With over 400 providers in the US, there’s a huge need. BAM. That concludes the discussion. As a Shopify dropshipper, here seem to be ten product categories where you can earn more per sale.

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