How to Become a Hotel Manager

Vacations, business trips, visiting family: Some trips are fun; others are stressful, but all require a place to rest at night. With this much demand, the hospitality industry is in constant need of well qualified and skilled hotel managers, who can help make hotels as organized and pleasant as possible.


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What does a hotel manager do?

The overall goal of hotel management is to keep the hotel running smoothly on all levels. To do this, a hotel manager is often responsible for setting rules and regulations for the hotel to function under. The hotel manager may also be in charge of training employees in these rules and procedures.

The manager of a hotel may play a large part in keeping the hotel profitable, as well. This means that a he or she needs to know the best places to advertise and what kind of clientèle they seek to attract to their establishment. Then, the hotel manager must also make sure that the facilities themselves keep guests satisfied to encourage return business.

Managing hotel staff, such as the front office manager, who handles reservations and guest interaction, is also part of the job in some chains. For smaller hotels, the hotel manager may even closely oversee the cleaning staff, at times participating in the upkeep of the rooms.

What kind of training does a hotel manger need?

While a bachelor-level business or hospitality degree is usually sufficient for smaller scale hotels, large chains and high-end establishments tend to seek candidates with a master degree. There are even some associate degree programs that offer a certificate in hospitality management, which can be used to land some entry-level positions.

In addition to schooling, many employers desire applicants who have excellent people skills as well as sound business prowess. Because of the nature of the hospitality industry, it is essential that hotel managers know how to effectively work with people in order to ensure the best possible experience for guests.

What are the prospects for a career in hotel management?

It is projected that hotel management jobs will increase by 12% between 2006 and 2016, bringing the total number of jobs to 80,000. This growth is anticipated due to an increase in business travel as well as tourism to major attractions around the country. (1)

How much do hotel managers make?

Hotel manager salary varies depending on the manager’s schooling and experience, as well as where they are employed. Upscale hotels will often pay better than individually owned hotels. Still, the starting salary is quite promising, with the middle 50% of hotel managers earning between $66,525 and 122,036. The upper 10% earned as much as $147,776. (2)

Business-minded individuals who enjoy working with people should keep hotel management as a viable career option. With a growing need for people to fill these positions and an excellent salary, a hotel management career may not only be profitable, but satisfying as well.

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