“Listen, if you’ve ever thought about having an ecom store and you wanna learn how to start creating passive income, then lean in,” Alexander elaborates. “I’m a professional athlete [MMA fighter], entrepreneur, and the CEO of AO Elite, where we leverage data and infrastructure to build, grow, and scale online businesses. I’ve been featured in the likes of Medium.com, New York Weekly, the U.S. News, as well as other publications.”

“And over the past year and some change, we’ve helped people just like you take advantage of this online arbitrage so they too can begin living passive lifestyles. Now in just a second, I’m gonna take you behind-the-scenes into what this process actually looks like. And I’ll also tell you how you can take advantage of this same opportunity for yourself. Of course, Amazon has been the leader for years now, but with more and more merchants migrating over to the platform, it’s getting saturated.”

Alexander continues by describing how there are over three million Amazon sellers globally. Isn’t that a lot of stores to compete with? Especially considering how long the major players have been doing this for. How are you going to keep up with them, for instance? Is it better not to attempt at all? You might want to look into other possibilities. Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Wayfair, Apple, and Kroger are some of the most well-known retailers in the World. I mean, what are you going to do if you’re not going to do Amazon FBA? If you don’t want to fight for scraps, that is.

Mini Valenzuela

“These up and coming merchants have yet to scratch the surface of what’s even possible,” says Mini Valenzuela, the Director of Operations at AO Elite. “With only about one-point-five million sellers already selling more than half a trillion dollars worth of goods last year alone? These extremely hot ecommerce platforms have even surpassed eBay as now the second and third largest online merchants in the world. And the benefits they can offer are just as good as Amazon.”

“Same-day delivery, discounts on fuel, as well as having groceries and other items show up on your doorstep?” Mini says. “It truly has never been a better time to get into ecommerce. In a recent study, leading market research firm NPD Group tracked millions of online and in-store receipts from retailers all across the United States; and the research showed that ninety-five percent of U.S. consumers shopped at these merchants last year.”

Would you like to take a guess at who they’re referring to? Likely Walmart and Shopify. And guess what, if on the conservative end we say just 10% of their customers make the move to online shopping…that means we’ll see billions in sales over the next couple of years. And then there’s AO Elite’s pitch telling you to not miss out. As far as pricing there’s no definitive number, you have to book a call with them for that one. However, I’ve reviewed plenty of similar courses that are charging $30k or more for setup + share in the profits. Take that for what it’s worth.

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