Peter J Voogd’s Recession Proof Package Review

Peter J Voogd’s Recession Proof Package Review

Peter J Voogd argues that better opportunities are always present in an economic recession. That’s actually a perfect time to build your wealth, but don’t expect it to just be handed to you on a silver platter.

Everything depends on your action, and how you initiate changes. When the world is at a halt, people are slowly losing jobs, business operations are stopped. What would be your plan?  

Most people would rather binge-watch Netflix, instead of honing their skills to possibly market online and earn extra cash.


This Peter J Voogd's Recession Proof Package review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

History will show that 68% out of all the fortune 500 companies you know today boomed during a slump. You’ll notice almost everything was on sale. Lockdown possibly leads to panic buying, and more profit is earned. 

Money is still there, it’s just shifted around to different parties. Those who knew what and how to market in times of crisis will never experience wanting – Peter is undoubtedly one of the guys! 

Back in 2008, he shared with us in the most depressive economy. But it didn’t stop him! He managed to get six figures in the middle of economic downfall.  

13 years later, he built 6 businesses, all equally producing hundreds of thousands in a year! You may learn the whole story from his “6 Months to 6 Figures” book. Maybe you’ve recognized Peter from the Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle podcast or GameChangers Academy – or probably you’ve read an article on Forbes. One thing, this dude has been constantly been moving up. 

His high profile gives him the confidence to construct strategies and techniques to help marketers overcome challenges. Take it as an opportunity and build their own massive wealth. Peter called it Recession Proof Package, the course claims to awaken business mindsets and level up your skills.  

The program features masterclass, productivity hacks, blueprints, videos of Peter’s interviews, Millionaire Mentor calls, and Q&A portions.

Once you sign up, you’ll automatically link to Peter’s money-making tips. You can access everything via your phone or other devices. There’s no need to rush about learning everything; do it according to your own pace. You have the chance to watch live streams if you need additional resources. Newbies are requested to join the 30-day program, it costs about 1000 dollars.  

If you’ve been running a business before, you can directly choose Peter’s 6 figures course, there’s no need to undergo the 6-month training. To maximize the benefit, you can tune in to his Elite Perspectives.      

Peter provides action guides after every training, it’s great to assess everything you’ve learned instead of keeping head knowledge. Experiential is what would build your dreams after all. That’s how you’ll know that VIP Recession-Proof Package fits you. 

You also get tried-and-tested tips from Peter himself and from successful entrepreneurs he interviewed. This program is backed up with hundreds of testimonials. But don’t forget to take it with a grain of salt. It’s easy to put things up, especially if it will play in your own course. 

Anyway, let’s talk about the price! 

VIP Recession-Proof Package is valued at $499 (one-time payment). Sometimes, Peter offers discounts to get the same course for only $197. He didn’t mention a money-back guarantee, just want to clear that up. 

My opinion? I honestly think the blueprint’s a bit vague. The price is okay though, it’s just that, mastermind class should be taught in-depth details. I’m pretty sure the lack of details makes it difficult to carry out.  

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