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Jon Mac is running a targeted advertising commercial in which he demonstrates how, by 11 a.m. on a Friday, he had made over $5,000 in sales through his CommerceHQ business. He has the cameraman focus in on his computer display while he updates the figures and switches back and forth through several dates, just to verify it’s true.

He reportedly made approximately $6500 in sales the day before, $52k in the previous week, and $150k in the 30 days before that.


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And, yes, he understands; after all, that’s all just gross revenue!  So, what percentage of that was expenses and what was actual profit? The typical profit margin for a Commerce HQ vendor is between 20% and 30%. In other words, let’s call it $40k in Jon’s pocket just over the last 30 days. 

In other words, let’s call it $40k in Jon’s pocket just over the last 30 days. 

Now let’s say that you just do a portion of what Jon is able to do? For example, how would a monthly profit of $5,000 or $10,000 change your life? Isn’t that enough to convince you to quit your day job?

“How much better would it be paying all your bills easily?” Jon asks. “How ’bout adding to your savings? That’s not just a dream, that’s normal for me now, as well as a lot of other CommerceHQ sellers that I personally taught.

By the time I get out of bed, a few thousand dollars have already been deposited into my bank account. You know, I get up, I walk the dog, and by dinnertime, another few thousand bucks have already been added to my bank account again.”

Even while the money is fantastic, Jon enjoys the extra free time to do the things he wants to do. Consider how sales from your ecommerce site can come in at any time, no matter if you’re at your computer or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating, sleeping, going to the gym, going to the bar with your buddies, or tutoring the kids with their schoolwork.

When you are running a business from home using Jon’s tried-and-true method, you are truly your own boss.  No more having a case of the Mondays. No more avoiding Mr. Lumbergh because you didn’t get the latest memo about the cover sheet for the TPS reports

“You’re finally getting true financial freedom in your life,” Jon says. “And you can make a living just with you, your computer, and your CommerceHQ business. And why is this business just so hands-off? It’s because you’re mostly just managing the business overall, because you have a team of people doing the daily work for you.

Like the five thousand dollars I made today? I didn’t do much to generate that, as my team did all the work for me.”

“And that’s for real,” he continues. “No BS with this business. Your work is what I call front-end loaded. So 90% of the hard work happens on the front-end, and once that’s done, the rest is just managing here or there. So you’re kind of just making a few small tweaks once in a while, maybe a few times a month.

And once you have that team in place, everything runs so much smoother and easier for you. And you don’t need to be techie thanks to CommerceHQ’s amazing built-in apps.”

Jon claims that selling through CommerceHQ is simpler than bookkeeping. He’s not going to persuade you to join his system, but he’s also not giving up. Many of his Ecom Startup trainees are making tens of thousands of dollars every month through their businesses. Why don’t you try it? The cost of using CommerceHQ is between $100 and $500 per month.

The higher your payment, the more bells and whistles you can have at your fingertips. Test it risk-free for 2 weeks and then cancel it with a single click if you don’t like it.

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