Are YouTube Shorts The Next Big Thing?

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Do you hate making long YouTube videos? 

Well YouTube Shorts are the answer, since they’re all just a couple minutes.  The reason for this is because they’re competing with TikTok.  With these short clips, it might be simpler to go viral or at minimum get a lot of views.

They should also be significantly quicker and more efficient to make in theory. But if there was a way to make money with YouTube Shorts without needing to appear on camera, practically anyone could do it, right?


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Anthony Morrison, a super affiliate and YouTuber, says, “Shorts are insanely simple. You don’t have to spend any money on ads, you don’t have to get in front of the camera, and it’s super easy to set up. A lot of people think the only way to be successful on YouTube is by showing your face or being a celebrity in your videos, but that’s just not true. You can turn on something like this and literally make it your full-time income. All because of the power of YouTube Shorts.”

“If you’re not familiar with ’em, it’s probably because you’re watching videos on your computer,” Anthony continues. “So if you wanna see some examples of these Shorts, hop on over to YouTube on your cell phone and look at the bottom of your screen and the second icon should be Shorts. It’ll say ‘YouTube Shorts,’ right? Once you hit that you’re gonna see a lot of videos that are really similar to TikTok or Instagram Reels. This is just YouTube trying to compete with those platforms.”

“Which means YouTube is incentivized to show these videos to a wide audience and get them in front of as many people as possible because it helps grow this side of their business. In other words, this is like getting in on TikTok or Instagram Reels super early, before they get saturated with much bigger pages that are trying to compete for that space. So that means? You don’t need a big following. You don’t even have to have any subscribers at all for this to work.”

Here’s what Anthony would do if he were you…

The first step is to visit and find a product to advertise. They’re a huge marketplace with a wide range of specialties ranging from training your dog to internet marketing. Find a product that piques your interest and is currently selling well. 

Second, create a new YouTube channel devoted to that topic. 

Third, use Instagram and TikTok to look for videos with a lot of views in your niche. Then save them to your computer and publish them to your YouTube channel. Just remember to give credit to the original source.

“So the good news is, people don’t really care if it’s the original video or the one that you re-uploaded,” Anthony explains. “If it’s good content, then they’re gonna like it, they’re gonna comment on it, they’re gonna follow your channel and all that stuff. So instead of being a celebrity who always has to get on camera, your job is to simply find videos that are already super popular, already going viral, and curate them on your page. Feel free to edit them if you want, but you don’t have to.”

Just keep it simple, no need to reinvent the wheel.  Finding digital products that sell well, and promoting them on YouTube should be easy money, wouldn’t you think?  

Of course, the last step is to add your affiliate link to your video description… it’s very important that you don’t forget this step. If everything works out as planned, then you should be making a good chunk of change, day or night, whether you’re asleep or not.  

At face value, this sounds like a pretty easy way to make money, but my guess is that the competition for something like this could skyrocket before you know it. 

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