Josh Ryan’s Ascension Financial Strategies Review

Josh Ryan’s Ascension Financial Strategies Review

It wasn’t an easy start for Josh Ryan back in 2008. He worked as a real estate agent, and he failed. He consistently thought he was earning a decent sum, but never got ahead…even if he followed others financial advice.

He was well established, he got a respectable house, could afford three months’ worth of living expenses and owned a quality portfolio. Josh was doing great until the market fell before his eyes, and just like that, his life changed forever.


This Josh Ryan's Ascension Financial Strategies review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

“We lost it all,” Josh recalls. “So I became a financial advisor. See, I wanted to learn exactly how I could be sure that we never go through that again. And just as important, I wanted to make sure no one else did either. The problem was? I was taught how to sell financial products.

I was taught how to get clients and do seminars and cold calls. I didn’t feel like I was learning how to create substantial wealth for anyone. Everything was based on antiquated investment ideology.”

He’s been talking to a lot of people nowadays. It’s about a retirement plan so that not only now but also then, they’ll have enough to live in comfort. 

Working for the next fifteen to thirty years wasn’t their option. They want their hands-on time, and they want freedom. 

To do things they wanted to do, and be the person they wanted to be. Over the last thirteen years, Josh has dealt with these ideals and helped those people achieve all the above.

Josh believes that his advice can help anyone; he wants you to succeed. “What we discovered is that there’s a sequence to creating more massive net worth faster than many people think,” Josh says. “The first step is this, and this is more of a mindset: concentrate to get rich, diversify to stay rich.

It’s counter to typical investing that suggests you should immediately diversify into a ‘high quality diversified portfolio.’ That’s the worst financial advice that’s out there.”

Josh Ryan Retirement Specialist

Josh puts his clients in a mindset of ‘what would you do if you couldn’t fail?’ He makes it possible. Admittedly, Josh says there’s a time and place for diversification. But it’s about timing.

Nonetheless, he assures you… Building a “personal vault” with cash, insurance, and protection legally will make anyone feel powerful. He helps you establish that, and you’ll feel like you can’t fail anymore. You’re in total control.

You can earn, keep, and leverage your wealth. You want to get your hands on stocks, investment, insurance, and things like that. It’s reachable with Josh. You’ll grow bigger and move faster.

It’s a cycle. Find your own pattern. It’s about prediction and scale. Need financial advice? Josh’s firm, Ascension Financial Strategies, will cover any of your worries and will bring you to a prosperous life. Living your life boldly, without concern of failing miserably. A solid financial foundation is critical, and you’ll wake up every day with abundance in life. Josh says, you can do it – it’s within grasp.

What you need to do is to get up, get moving, watch a short movie at Summit Map Sequence dot com. Although he did not mention cost, get some cash from your savings, and  I’m sure if you speak with someone from his firm, you’ll get your money back and more.

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