Edge 100 Experience Review

Edge 100 Experience Review

According to Raul Villacis there are three kinds of men: the victim, the addict, and the executioner. 

The victim doesn’t have what it takes to get out there and execute, so he blames everyone around him. The addict never actually acts, he is constantly searching for information trying to prepare himself. Raul says he wants the executioner. The man who was successful, lost his passion, but wants it back.


This Edge 100 Experience review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

“Not the man who’s looking to be saved,” Villacis says, “not the man who’s just seeking more information, but the man who’s looking to execute. If you’re looking for a place to execute, if you’re looking for a system and a process to help you get your edge back, then this is for you.

I know what this program has done for men, I know what this program can do for the right type of man. I know what it feels like to look yourself in the mirror every single day and feel like there’s something missing.”

“And I know what it feels like for every person around you to be like, ‘You should be happy, you should be content,’ but you know there’s something more inside of you that hasn’t even been tapped yet. I know what it feels like to be stressed out and thinking that you’re running out of time.

But let’s get one thing clear: I’m not here to save you. This is not for people who wanna be saved. You have to be willing to do the work. You have to be willing to take the risk. I want you to understand, there is a cost for inaction.”

“Whether you do this or not, there is going to be a cost in your life. So what is that cost? What is that risk if you don’t give it everything you got the next one hundred days? I’m gonna be guiding you into a journey of discovering the edge.

I’m going to be able to give you the system and the process to remember who you are. Before we go any farther, I want you to write down and really think about what is at risk if you don’t do this. What is at risk if you don’t find the edge?”


According to Raul, all men go through these stages. First you start as a peasant, an employee, someone serving another’s wealth but not your own. The strong will move on to Stage 2: the warrior. You are driven and have fight in you.

The problem with the warrior is that they’re self-sabotagers. Nothing is ever enough and they can quickly spin out of control. Stage 3: the sedated warrior. Instead of aiming to win, you’re going the safe route and trying not to lose. Basically, you’re just living in fear afraid of losing the last bits of your success.

So, can a sedated warrior be saved? Is it too late to reignite the passion? Well, you could always go work with Raul. He did after all invest 500k in himself to make sure that he never lost his success.

His goal is to mentor others, to mold those losing their passion back into go-getters. The Edge 100 Experience does this by surrounding you with successful like-minded people, an action plan, and being held accountable.

So what will you choose? Are you a sedated warrior and do you plan to stay one? Holding on to what remains of your success? Or will you take back control and push through? Most individuals would choose to do nothing, it’s the easier of the two options. They’re also too proud to admit they’re losing their spark.

I advise not being like them. Keep pushing forward. You might need an extra push in the right direction, and according to Raul he can help you with that. He doesn’t mention cost, so if you’re interested in learning more you can apply.

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