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Before we get too excited to dig into Tim Han’s net worth, let’s find out first how he became successful. 

Three life-changing tips—that’s all that it takes, according to Tim. 

Clarifying your core values is the first step. Many people have no idea what theirs are. It results in a profound sense of disconnection.

It’s easy to see if someone is lacking in purpose. Procrastination is a major behavioral manifestation. Commitment is lacking. 

There isn’t any innate strength inside. These are all red flags indicating you haven’t figured out your core values.


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So, what is a core value? It is what you think to be ethically correct. Consider it to be your life’s compass. Thus, when you live according to your principles, when your values guide your conduct as a human being, you will experience a feeling of integrity. 

Tim emphasizes the importance of identifying your core values. How? Make some room. Ask yourself the difficult questions. See where it takes you.

The second tip is to define your ultimate life vision. Now that you’ve identified your innermost values, it’s time to explain the vision you have for your life. This nearly serves as a flagpole in the ground. 

When the winds of life blow, you’ll take hold of this flagpole (also known as your vision) and keep it from being blown off course. If you don’t know what you want out of life, or if you sort of know but your vision is poor, you shouldn’t anticipate spectacular outcomes.

In contrast, when your life vision is crystal clear, it will switch on the reticular activating filters in your brain. It will make you more conscious of the things in your environment that might help you get closer to your goal. And don’t stop at riches, Tim advises.

Have a vision for your health, your relationships, and your beliefs. And you want to think large, not in terms of how you’re going to make it happen, but rather in terms of what you actually want to happen.

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Tim brings up an excellent point. In the absence of a clear understanding of how you intend to reach your goals, you are just dreaming too little. 

His question to you is this: Do you have the courage to dream big? Do you have dreams that are so huge that they fire your potential and encourage you to work hard every day? 

Don’t be shocked if you begin to sense the presence of inner strength returning to your life after you’ve taken the time to define your vision. Remember, the how is none of your concern; all that matters is that you identify the what.

The third and last question you must ask yourself is: Who do I need to become to achieve this vision? Because success is something that is attracted to you based on who you are. Thus, you must adopt a mentality that Tim refers to as the Be-Do-Get Mindset to be successful.

There are many who have things completely backward. They’re more concerned with what they’re attempting to get than who they must be. All you have is now, this very minute. When it comes to creating the life you desire, who do you have to be right now?

Take care of yourself today. Make today a memorable one. What activities do you need to do less of? What would you want to see more of? 

You will find that your life vision takes care of itself in every moment of your life. Tim concludes by encouraging people to “follow your heart, take action, and let’s create the life you truly want to live.”

It’s good advice from someone whose net worth is around $6M

Tim Han is the creator of Success Insider, a prominent personal development business that has gained widespread attention worldwide. 

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