A Look Into Alex Hormozi’s Net Worth

A look into alex hormozis net worth

The first thing I noticed of Alex Hormozi is his grown mustache, toned body, and of course…his massive wealth. Before we proceed on that topic, let me first share what he does and works on that brought him success!

First, Alex devoted himself to a lot of data-gathering and building a solid knowledge-base. According to him, no time is wasted in researching info. And while everyone wants it fast-paced, he’d instead invest first in figuring things out.  

As a matter of fact, after running his fitness center, he spent the few first earnings on himself. He enrolled in online courses, read many books, underwent mentorship, consulted others, masterminds, etc. These things are mere investments to adapt to new skills.


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Next is the power of focus. Alex believes that humans are designed for 4-5 uninterrupted hours per day! How can it be in the hustle and bustle world? Looks like this dude is a morning person. He certainly is. He normally wakes up at 5, sometimes at 3 am. During that hour, he’s probably scaling his Gym Launch. He’s grinding while most are on rest. No time is wasted! 

The third comes with piling up. Assuming that you’re good with numbers, that genius can only be good if you’ll learn to monetize it. And so, you enroll in accounting to learn fiscal policy and tax efficiency. This means that your value is piling up even more! Learn how to fundraise for others. And there, you’re worth a fortune.

Alex believes that these things are a sort of hockey stick in your revenue growth chart. It feels like no money is ever made at the start. Then it begins to rise a little bit more… it’ll skyrocket if you follow through with these steps. 

To give you the whole picture, if earnings are locked up and have a high tendency to fall back, you better search out for an alternative, something that you can own. Stop criticizing others. 

Look within yourself instead. Find out where you’ve missed and what you get wrong. Then improve on that area. Repeat the process if necessary. You have to take the beam out of your own eye. 

How can you do it if you don’t want to see your own blemishes? 

“You’re a hundred percent responsible for the income level that you have,” Alex rants, “and if you’re dissatisfied with it, it’s ’cause you’re just not that valuable.” 

Admitting that you are flawed is the first approach to becoming more effective. Forget about the next ladder if you can’t put aside your ego. As they say, you can’t overcome what you don’t confront. People who don’t examine themselves simply mean they have it all together or couldn’t be any better.

Alex Hormozi - Gym Launch CEO

Alex also insists on not outsourcing anything yet. You must be at least 3 steps ahead before handling a team. How can you possibly lead people who know things better than you do? After years of investing, Alex hires and manages his workforce. His goal is to lead, and by leading, he means outperforming them all. And because he started from the bottom, he knows when they’re not doing their part, when their ad costs are getting out of hand, and when a campaign needs to be adjusted to make it stand out.

To expand your business into a hundred million dollars, you must become exceptionally good at everything you do. It’s good that others chase you down. They give you the money you want based on the value you give. 

Stay focused and keep upgrading, then make things happen. Don’t try to seize every opportunity coming your way. “The biggest fallacy as an entrepreneur is that you need more things to make more money,” Alex says. But really, it’s the opposite.

Remember that your rivals are just scattered everywhere. They’re silently revolving around, looking for an opportunity to beat you down. Your wall of protection comes with these self-improvements. You can’t make money when you’re preoccupied with a lot of things. Alex believes in a “less is more” kind of mantra.     

Let them too, but as for you, just concentrate on doing what you do best. That’s the secret to success. Never despise following expert’s advice. Through this, Alex made more than $120 million in sales in his 30s. He refuses to disclose his net worth, but he says it’s “very high.”

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