Quazi Johir’s Reality Creator Review

Quazi Johir’s Reality Creator Review

Quazi Johir boasts in a new YouTube ad that he went from earning $5,000 a month to $150,000. 

All he has to do is change his identity! He didn’t make a single modification to his company’s operations. 

And he swears by it!

For example, he started creating YouTube videos when he was earning $5,000 a month and continues to do so now that he is making $150,000 a month.

What’s the difference? There is around thirty times greater conviction. 

Are you skeptical? Same here. It couldn’t really be that simple, right? Let’s have a look and see. Continue reading for my review of the Reality Mastery Program.


This Quazi Johir's Reality Creator review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

What Quazi has learned about running a successful internet company can be highly beneficial to you whether you’re a coach, a consultant, or an agency owner. 

Especially if you’ve been trapped at the same salary for a long time. There is a possibility that you’ve tried various training or coaching programs, and they haven’t been successful for you. 

To go to the next level, Quazi is here to help you! Your sales funnel has nothing to do with it. It’s also not about the newest, hottest platform you can run your ads on. Not even about the latest four-step closing script. It has nothing to do with all of that. 

In other words, it’s all about changing your identity inside out.

Strategies and techniques will be of no use until you accomplish this first step in the process. 

Your views, feelings, and ideas are all influenced by who you are as a person, and those things, in turn, dictate how you behave. 

Together, these are what give you results. 

The big question now is, how do you change your identity? 

The first step, according to Quazi, is to align your emotional and intellectual clarity.

Most individuals have a general idea of what they’d want to accomplish. But they aren’t aware of this. 

Make a list of what, why, and who. What do you want to gain from this experience? What’s the point? What kind of person do you need to become in order to accomplish this goal? 

This is the best way to fine-tune your vision.

Quaz Quaz

The second step is to “assume and ground.” Assume you are already the person you need to be to get the outcomes you want. 

Now you must hunt for evidence, or else you will never stick to that belief.  With your proof, you’re putting your assumption to the test. 

The third step is to rely on faith rather than belief. You can let go when you have faith. 

You allow yourself to be open to what could be. Belief is founded on facts, which may or may not support your desired outcome. 

Faith is exactly what you need. 

The fourth step is to elevate the “floor and ceiling” of your internal self. You have high expectations. Stick to them and stop settling. 

The fifth step is to devalue the relevance of the situation and anticipate failure. Relieve yourself of the stress of reaching the desired outcome.

You’ll begin to play with the intent of winning rather than just avoiding defeat. That is Quazi Johir’s high-level description of the process of changing one’s identity.

This is the first domino you must knock down to achieve the outcomes you want and avoid going backward.

Continue to watch for appropriate opportunities, connections, mentors, techniques, and strategies when they begin to reveal themselves.

Serious entrepreneurs who want his help with all of this can schedule a call with his team. 

On his website, he does not disclose the fee of his Reality Creator Mastery Program. My estimate is that it is not inexpensive, based on his monthly earnings.

Throughout his presentation, Quazi showed a good number of student testimonials, which was a nice touch. Everything I saw and heard had a lasting impression on me. 

And I’m generally the most cynical person when it comes to all of this “mindset stuff.” So, Quazi, you’ve done an excellent job.

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