The 6 Things Ravi Does Every Day

At the young age of 25, Ravi Abuvala had already earned his first 7 figures. Not to mention, he has since coached thousands of other business gurus and many of them are now millionaires themselves.

So I guess you could say that Ravi knows a thing or two about making money. According to Ravi, habits are what will make you successful. Actions lead to habits and habit leads to reaching your goals. 

In a game of dominos, a non-millionaire can never seem to knock down that first domino.


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If you want to be a millionaire, then Ravi suggests these 6 success habits: first, you need to make sleep a priority. This is something he didn’t get enough of when he first started his business. He learned fast that just because you’re grinding and not sleeping doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful. You sure will be tired though.

Habit number two Ravi calls a “one time thing” and it is derived from Gary Keller’s book “The One Thing”. The goal is to figure out what one task provides huge results and focus on that one task each day.

For example, Ravi tunes out the outside world for three hours each morning to work on his “One Thing.”

Habit three is especially important because it’s what made him a millionaire by 25. He says it’s delegating everything. So what does that mean exactly? Believe it or not, he’s talking about personal life things. He questions how much time is spent doing everyday things like cleaning, shopping, cooking, etc. Why should you waste your time on it?

Ravi Abuvala Miami FL

Habit number four is more like a principle, but let’s keep rolling with it. He says “If you create habits and you have a routine that you follow every single day, it brings freedom to your life. And yeah, a lot of people will say they’re a free spirit and they don’t like routines.

They just wake up and go where the day takes them. But that sounds stressful as hell to me. I do things at the same time every day, which creates predictability and allows me to schedule in fun things that I want to go do.”

Fifth is his mantra “How you do one thing is how you do all things.” Short, but powerful. If you barely put effort into one thing, that poor quality will bleed over into other aspects of your business. Always give it your all or don’t bother trying.

Lastly, Ravi creates feedback loops. This means that if there’s something he wants to do, he does it. But then, he steps back and assesses the results of what he did. From there he’ll make adjustments if needed and take the next step.

When creating feedback loops, it’s good to log information as you go. Whether that’s in a journal, an app, or a word doc.

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