Is A Print On Demand Jewelry Business A Good Idea?

Is a print on demand jewelry business a good idea

You’ve probably seen Devin Zander in a few ads promoting dropshipping. He’s the CEO of and they sell/teach people just like you how to make money with print on demand jewelry.

Even though Devin and his team give you more than a few reasons as to why it’s entirely realistic to make a good living at it…they’ve also named a few different things that would hold someone like yourself back. Keep reading for my full Print On Demand Jewelry Business review.


This Is A Print On Demand Jewelry Business A Good Idea? review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Devin believes that the easiest way for most people to start in ecom is through jewelry. However, here are some things you need to be aware of. Don’t make your product description too long and boring. Also don’t make your text tiny, remember, you’ll want your grandma to be able to read this stuff just fine.

He says you should make a draft and revise it a few times. Each time you revise it, trim it and edit it. That way you’ll eventually have a product description that’s short and to the point. Besides most people will care about how the necklace will look on their mom or grandma anyway.

Next, Facebook is crazy smart with ad accounts and people now know when they’re being sold to. You’ve got to be able to run ads in a way that Facebook accepts and you’ve got to have a good enough creative that people don’t just scroll by your jewelry dropshipping biz. Make sure all your images are on point.

For example, make sure your images are clear and that they aren’t too small to where someone has to focus real hard. Either way, the point is that you can’t just pick any random image, hit launch, and expect to wake up to 10k in sales.

Third, picking the right jewelry. I mean your granny isn’t gonna want a gold chain that 50 cent would wear right? The sad part of it all is that POD beginners actually make similar mistakes. Even if they might not be that extreme. They’ll pick the wrong product and market to the wrong people.

Why try to recreate the wheel? Why not just pick a product or strategy that’s already working and replicate it for yourself. Your odds of success would be much higher that way.

Print On Demand Millionaires

Four, in the likely case you’re doing PPC ads and not getting conversions, it’s likely your targeting is wrong. “And this one’s pretty simple, but I see it time and time again,” Devin says. “But when you target on Facebook, remember to target whoever the necklace is from. We are selling gifts here, right?

So you’re not selling it to the recipient. Like, if it’s a necklace to mom, from dad, you better target dad on Facebook. This is an easy slip of mind for a lot of people, especially if they’re used to selling traditional print on demand products.”

So for example let’s say your POD jewelry is a nice watch from wife (target buyer) to husband (recipient). Running the ad then becomes pretty simple, you just need to target females that live in the US that are older than 25.

I’d say that’s all there is to it really, it’s a cake walk as long as you aren’t targeting high school boys right?

Lastly, most jewelry dropshippers are broke because they have the wrong messaging. For example instead of targeting the buyer…you’re targeting the recipient. It’s an easy mistake, but a costly one. Also focus more on the experience and feeling of the jewelry instead of its features. People don’t need an explanation as to why diamonds are special.

Target what’s driving the person giving the gift: “Dear husband, valentines is right around the corner, your wife will absolutely adore this diamond necklace.” I think you get the picture.

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