Ron LeGrand’s Pretty House Terms Cash Flow System Review

Ever wonder about having a $20,000 consistent income per month? And what if you can earn it by grinding an hour or two per day? Imagine those checks carried residual revenue and a back-end payment. That’s what Ron LeGrand desires!¬†

Ron LeGrand built Pretty House Terms, a real estate business with substantial monthly passive income. It even claims to be the fast-growing real estate out there! But is it true? Let’s answer that in this Pretty House Terms review!


This Ron LeGrand's Pretty House Terms Cash Flow System review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Ron LeGrand has been crushing property investment for 37 years. Through the years, he has purchased well over 3,000 houses or more. It’s kinda hard to get the exact number. He lost the count. Today, He got several commercial projects in 9 countries. Well, that’s a pretty good achievement, right? 

Not to mention his six distinct real estate ventures. It’s true enough! Ron’s done it all and still going strong now in his seventies. So yeah, with all of his knowledge and hard-won insight, could Pretty House Teams lead you to profitable real estate?  

Seriously, that’s a tough one!  

As far as I know, Wholesaling is the quickest method in real estate. It’s easy. You discover a good deal, put it under contract, and flip it. However, it has drawbacks too, and is quite competitive.

According to Ron, retailing is also a solid revenue generator. However, there’s a big chance that you’ll encounter the same hurdles in wholesaling, just more.

Real estate is capital and labor-intensive. That’s just the truth. Repairs and renovation drain your pocket, and too often, flaky contractors piss you off. Then, you have to deal with fussy buyers and demanding home inspectors.  

This means that flix and flips give you restless nights. And so, who will help you out? 

Ron Legrand

There you go, the Pretty House Business. Basically, it’s like today’s ATMs. But Ron isn’t referring to bank repossessions here. You simply have to work on “creative” payment terms to profit from fine houses all over the United States. Presenting terms is critical! No terms, no agreement. No agreement, no income. 

Lease purchase or owner financing are both options. Or try Buy and Sell House subject-to to get offloads and complete transactions more quickly. Both ways, you’re never putting yourself in danger by using your own credit or pledging anything. A well-structured plan gives cash upfront regularly, which eventually builds your desired passive income.

The best thing is, you won’t spend most of your time constructing the terms. At least, that’s what Ron assumes. He already allocates almost all of it to low-cost chatbots and specialized firms. The program nearly does all of your tasks.

“Your job is to make decisions,” Ron said. His mantra has always been: the less I do, the more I make. If you buy Pretty House Terms Cash Flow System, you’ll be favored with using his outsourcing crew. You’ll receive tips, videos, instructions, forms, scripts, complaint dealing, and other materials. The course is everything you need to make money with Real Estate.

Sounds interesting, huh? Let’s talk about the price!

Either you pay $897 one time or $299 four times. Is there a money-back guarantee? Yes, 30 days. You also have 3-month access to their training support team. Lines are open on weekdays. If you want to upgrade your subscription, upsells at $1,000.    

What are my thoughts about this? I appreciate his traditional outlook. It’s refreshing to see someone actually do what he preaches. The entire Pretty House “Terms” strategy appears easier than other typical investing tactics.

But to be honest, I’m not buying everything they say. How the heck can you get $20,000 checks and more without doing anything? 

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