Publishing Lifes’ Rasmus Mikkelsen Review

Publishing Lifes’ Rasmus Mikkelsen Review

Many people believe that twins have a bond that cannot be explained with words. Maybe that is the reason why Rasmus Mikkelsen can pass some days of work to his twin brother Christian. Yet today is different, as they are going to promote their business—Audiobook Income Academy course. 

Mikkelsen brothers may be twins, but they are not similar in every way. What do you think will happen when they join forces in this important event? Will they harmonize well as they share the same womb, or are they too tired of each other? And lastly, how will people perceive them as partners in crime?

Just continue reading to answer these questions. 


This Publishing Lifes' Rasmus Mikkelsen review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

You click the music, you want to listen to the music but suddenly an ad pops up on your screen. A man with a neat and professional appearance greets you, and behind him are plaques recognizing Audiobook Income Academy. 

It reflects the screen lights, so you didn’t notice that he was in a dark room. “Selling physical products is not the best way of making money on Amazon in 2021,” he says. “Now yes, that model does work. But. My twin brother Christian and I, we’ve discovered a new and improved way of using Amazon to make money.” —it’s Rasmus Mikkelsen

“Which, for one, does not have all the startup costs of buying inventory to sell physical products. Because, well, this model does not have inventory,” he continues. “Two, this is something that you set up once that then pays you for years and years, even if you don’t do anything with it. Also known as passive income. Which, selling physical products is absolutely not passive income.”

“And number three, this is a brand new untapped Amazon opportunity that almost no one knows about. Therefore, there’s almost no competition. And the results people are getting with this new Amazon business model are honestly mind-blowing.” After he told the story of Patrick, one of the members of AIA. 

Before meeting Rasmus and Christian, he is almost fading in the harsh environment of Colombia, where living expenses and daily necessities like foods are difficult to acquire because of their financial crisis. He thought that his life would not end until he met the twins.

Mikkelsen Twins Bali

A guy in need was allowed to learn and provide for his family without committing a crime. Patrick learned how to recreate audiobooks (and listed them on Amazon in the section Audible and received income when he sold a copy. 

Like a genie in a bottle, Rasmus is right in his estimation of Patrick’s profit of $91,731. Who would think of such a big success? What is sure is that we know that it is not magic that brings him money but his efforts and the help of the twins. 

In the midst of exhaustion, wouldn’t it be nice to receive your paycheck on the spot? But even if I labor until the sun rises again, I’m unlikely to earn as much as Patrick does! What was his secret?

“If you’d like to learn about this new Amazon model, I’ve put together a super short free training that you can attend where I’m going to be revealing everything about how the model works and how you can start using it today to start making money for yourself.” So here we are like Patrick, but there is something we need to do, press that YouTube ads and enter AIA.  

But think about it, isn’t what he is doing is an obvious way to attract people to subscribe to his course? If we critique his advertisement it does not lack, but having some common things in Christian’s ads would draw comparisons. And it sounds unbelievable to find customers with the way they got their product . 

The force of the twin brothers do not look like just any simple partners in crime as it sounds sketchy. How can you assure the quality and credibility of the product when it does not come from them? Now we know why people are calling them scammers, because it is not a material thing that is robed but an intellectual property.

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