Rob Booker’s VIP Text Service Review

Rob Booker has something new and exciting to share with you, and it’s on sale! “A good number of my friends have asked me, ‘Hey Rob, things are tough out there, what stock do you like right now?’” Rob says. “And because these are my friends, of course I told them.

And how do you think I send these stock picks to my friends? I send them a text.

That’s what I do when I think I know something about the stock market.” Keep reading for more info in this Rob Booker review


This Rob Booker's VIP Text Service review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

“I text my friends,” Rob elaborates, “we do some trades together, and hopefully they work out. Here’s the problem: most people don’t have a friend who knows the stock market. Most people don’t even actually make money trading stocks.

And here’s the other reality: most of the services in the financial publishing space are really really formal. You gotta log in to a website, download a twenty page report, watch a series of videos that takes ya ten hours, then you wait for a report to come out once a month.”

“All this to see what stocks might be good; and they may not even be good by the time you get the report. So let me ask you: those guys that write those monthly newsletters, do you really think that they didn’t text their friends about the stocks they like the minute they found ’em?

Do you think that I should wait a month to tell you about a stock if you’re my friend? I don’t think that sounds right. I think I should text you the minute I find the stock.”

Big whoop, Rob sends you a text…so what? Well traditional knowledge would say that if you like it, buy a couple shares. If you’re worried about needing loads of cash, don’t. Rob Booker says it’ll just take about $100 to start.

When will he text you? 

Rob doesn’t like to be an overbearing bother. He only texts you when it’s super important. That being said, be prepared to get notified at any moment. Could be a monday morning on your way to work or on a friday night while you’re enjoying a cold brew.

He’ll tell you what his price target is and when he’s pulling out.


What types of stocks does Rob target?

Rob Booker knows his audience. He likes to trade stocks that typically less than $20 so everyone can afford them and fly under the radar of bigger stock traders. Stocks like that can really explode over a couple days.

Will I always make money?

“No, I wish!” Rob laughs. “Trading is hard. We’ll have some wins and losses, but we’ll do our best to learn along the way with our friends and family. I try to find stocks that I believe are good companies. With earnings, and all that other stuff, ya know?”

Ultimately you sign up for a text service that’s VIP between you, Rob, and everyone else who pays. Rob let’s you know everything you need to know about a particular stock before making a move and how to trade it if you decide to move forward. You can even reply to him. But why’s he offer this?

Apparently Rob is big on friendship and friends making money together. He says there’s nothing he likes more than trading stocks with friends and wants you to become a lifelong customer.

Shouldn’t stock tips like these remain secret?

Even if everyone finds out about a certain winning stock, Rob claims it’s a good thing because the more people buy…the higher the price will be pushed.

Overall, it’s a great way for a majority of people to make a few extra bucks. Normally he lists the price at $200, but if you join soon, you can get in at $100 for life! His offer is nice and affordable. However, I’m more into long term investing rather than day trading.

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