Tim Sykes’ CatalystX Review

Tim Sykes says he’s gonna give you a free trade. “Seriously, I’m going to send you an email and a text message alert when I enter the trade and another set of alerts when I exit the trade.

Both the emails and text alerts will contain a full breakdown of my game plan behind the trade. But before I show you how to receive this next trade, for free, let me tell you a little something that many people don’t know about me.” Tim Sykes announced he would be giving away his first trade. An infrequent opportunity to start next week. Roll with me for more…


This Tim Sykes' CatalystX review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available to anyone in the public. Any conclusions drawn by myself are opinions.

Tim believes that one of the essential factors in maintaining a winning percentage is to use an unfair advantage. Does it sound odd? Maybe, but he’s making seventy-plus percent money in the market for some reason. Plus, the fact that seven million dollars are added to his penny stock profits. 

“When a catalyst event is detected, I’m notified,” he explains. “And when everything adds up for me, I make a trade. So, what is a catalyst event? It’s some type of news or event that causes a stock to move.”

“This literally happens several times a day,” he continues, “and it provides traders with opportunities to take advantage of quick surges in a stock’s price. Pretty easy to understand so far, right? Good, it should be.

And, rather than me telling you how these catalysts work, let me show you a real-life example of how I use them to make an average of ten percent per trade-in under ten minutes.” 

Now, this is getting interesting. Let’s continue.

Tim showcased how he sold a share of $0.0092 when he only bought it at $0.007 a share. It’s an RNWF he purchased for about seventy-two dollars penny stock. It all happened in a few minutes after the announcement of having a new CEO.

He gained plus twenty-six percent in just seven minutes, amounting to one thousand eight hundred seventy-two dollars. Compared to the S&P 500, which only grew a little over sixteen percent, it shows that the trade is equivalent to the entire year growth of S&P in 2020.

Tim said, “But the point I’m trying to make is, catalysts are some of the best plays for both beginning and experienced traders alike…

Tim Sykes Jewfro

Over the past ten-plus years, I have now taught thousands of my students the strategies and patterns that I use, including how to spot and trade these catalyst events. Over twenty of my students have now gone on to become millionaire traders themselves. And catalysts are one of the very first things that I teach them.”

The principle behind this scheme is simple. It all depends on breaking news, so you should always be alerted. If a company announces something, the stocks would either rise or fall. In Tim’s case, he tries to cash in when he can. Just a reminder that there’s still a risk.

Not every catalyst brings positive outcomes. There are no single traders who didn’t lose even one time, including Tim. You should keep an eye on the triggers because it’ll cause bigger and faster movements with penny stocks. It’s all about nailing the timing. Whether you’ll get in or out, gaining significantly is one thing.

Tim has his breaking news scanner. That way, he’ll be updated every time there’s a probable catalyst. Since the profit with stocks happens so fast, you need to be fast too to land a spot before anyone else. Some traders are willing to pay upfront up to twenty grand a year to buy such software. If used correctly, it’ll be your leverage.

But the good news is, Tim will let you use his kind of breaking news scanner for free! You don’t have to pay to buy his software; instead, subscribe to Tim Sykes Letter, and you’ll be updated with tips and lessons to uncover your own catalysts events. He calls it CatalystX Training only costs ninety-seven bucks a year.

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